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1 Day Painting Services

Do you wonder if it’s possible to have your home painted in just one day and still be wowed by the results? It is when you entrust 1-day painting services in Ajax, Ontario, to our company. Yes, we are here to make the impossible possible without affecting the results of the painting job and without depriving you of the pleasure of getting a color consultation.

At Painters Ajax, we have the experience and way to complete even big jobs by the end of the day and still make our customers super-happy. Should we tell you how it all happens?

1-day painting services in Ajax

1 Day Painting Services Ajax

Yes, you can turn to our company if you are considering in Ajax 1 day painting services. Such painting jobs start in the morning and are completed by the end of the day. The whole purpose of one-day painting jobs is to serve customers who never find the time for standard services that last for days. It’s vital to those who seek house painters to have their homes refreshed in a quick manner and also for businesses who cannot stop their workflow to paint. 1-day painting services may also come in handy to landlords who want to spruce up their properties before they rent them out. These are only a few examples to show you that hiring Ajax painters for 1-day jobs is necessary for many people.

How is it possible to complete painting services in just one day?

What’s the secret of starting and completing a 1-day painting service and still making the customers super-happy? There are actually two ways we manage to achieve that.

a.       Everything is organized beforehand. You meet with a home painting contractor to discuss the project, get advice and color consultation, explore your options in regard to modern techniques, and get an estimate. Assuming you want to assign the service to our team, we talk in greater detail about colors, painting methods, finish coatings, and all things about the project. To put it simply, we gather the information needed by the painters to come fully prepared for the job.

b.       1-day services are not a job that can be done by one home painter. Ajax contractors evaluate the job that must be done to see how many painters are required for the specific service. Since even a small project includes prepping thoroughly all surfaces before priming and painting, the number of painters involved in 1-day services is usually big. With a sufficient number of painters, Ajax homes – or offices – are transformed in just one day.

Now you know our secret. Let’s talk about the process now. Things are rather simple. You actually express your interest in having your place painted in one day and we send a pro to offer consultation, see what’s required, and provide an estimate. As long as you give us the okay to proceed, we set a date and the Ajax painters show up prepared to start the work.

Seeking house painters for a one-day job? You just did. Contact us

Although not two painting jobs are exactly the same, all of them start with covering all areas, sanding walls, caulking windows, filling cracks, fixing imperfections, and making sure all parts that are going to be painted are free of flaws and smooth. Then, the primers and the paints are applied – the colors, techniques, and finishes we previously agreed upon. And so, when you return home, you actually come back to a refreshed home – fully transformed. In just one day. Amazing, isn’t it? Not for us. It’s business as usual to us. So, have no second thoughts. Just contact us and tell us that you need to learn more and get an estimate for 1-day painting services in Ajax.