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Brick Painting

Looking to find a team with expertise in brick painting in Ajax, Ontario? You can contact our painting company. We are a professional team with experience in painting stone surfaces, including brick. This may be an exterior surface or an interior brick wall. No matter what the requirements are for your house’s exterior brick surface or for the stone wall interior painting needs, the results are astonishing and, above all, long-lasting.

Stones are special materials that must be prepped by pros with knowledge and painted correctly with the right products by pros with expertise. And these are two good reasons for entrusting this project of yours to Painters Ajax.

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Brick Painting Ajax

If you are considering booking brick painting, Ajax contractors are at your service. What do you need to do? Call or message our team. Let’s talk about your project. Let us send a pro to your home to check the brick wall and provide you with the necessary consultation and estimate. There’s no charge. And there’s no obligation. So, instead of guessing about the costs and the process, reach us to gather the information you need for a brick wall painting job.

Is this an interior brick wall? Want an exterior brick wall painted?

We only assume that you want a brick wall painted. After all, you may want a brick fireplace painted. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that all brick surfaces can be painted.

  •          Want an interior brick surface painted? Is this a brick accent wall? Your fireplace? The area around the fireplace? Despite the location and the type of brick, the surface is prepped well and painted. Flaws are addressed and the surface is prepped for the finishing coating. Are you tired of the existing brick color? No worries. There are color choices. We suggest color ideas and finish solutions for easy cleaning and a magnificent appearance.
  •          Want your house’s brick exterior painted? All exterior surfaces are weathered and so, their condition is always worse than those inside the house. They need particularly thorough prepping not only due to their weathered condition but also for the painting job’s longevity. Be sure that whether brick covers the entire exterior of your house or just a section is properly prepped. It’s painted with coatings suitable not only for the brick but also for exterior applications.

Experienced brick painters are ready to take over

So, what do you need? Interior brick wall painting? The exterior painted? Both exterior and interior brick walls painted? Reach us and be sure of the excellent way the service is carried out. Be sure of the job’s longevity not only due to the resistance and durability of the paint coatings but also due to the great work of the Ajax painters. Anything, from prepping to painting brick, is done by the book. And that’s the main reason why you should entrust this project to us. If you are ready to discuss your brick painting, Ajax pros can quickly come over. Say the word.