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Crown Molding and Trim Painting

Crown Molding and Trim Painting Ajax

Our company is at your service for crown molding and trim painting in Ajax, Ontario. Even more important than our availability is our experience in all these architectural details that discreetly decorate interiors. At Painters Ajax, we are familiar with designs, profiles, and materials of interior trims, from crowns to window casings – hence, ensuring expert work and flawless results.

If you have decided to refresh the color of your baseboards, change the color of crown moldings, or have all the trims in your home painted, do the smart thing. Turn to our painting company.

Two phases of Ajax crown molding and trim painting services

We could say that Ajax crown molding and trim painting services – like any other project – are split into two main phases.

  •          The first phase involves the provision of information needed so that the customer can decide what to do, and whether or not will leave the job to us. You simply contact us to tell us what you need and make an appointment in order to talk with a pro. We get a full picture of the project you have in mind to provide the needed consultation and an estimate, both free with no obligation.
  •          The second phase involves the actual painting service. Ajax painters come out as previously agreed to prep and paint trims. The service may involve the painting of all interior trims, from door casings to chair rails and crowns. Of course, you can only book baseboard painting. Or, window casing painting. Then, you can make combinations, like having windows and doors painted along with their casings. Or, baseboards and crown moldings painted.

Experts in painting crown moldings, baseboards, and all trims

There’s a variety of trims in most homes, from baseboards to door casings and crown moldings. The profiles differ and the materials vary. Despite the material and how intricate a profile may be, the preparation of the surface and the trim painting is done correctly.

One of the advantages of turning to our team is our experience with all materials. The painters use the correct products for your trims, based on the material. They also prep trims with respect to their material. And so, there’s no damage and the results of the painting job are long-lasting and exquisite.

Should we get started with your trim painting service?

  •          Let’s talk about your vision, trims, and color preferences so that you will get a personalized approach to your specific painting needs.
  •          Pros meticulously prep the trims, ranging from wainscotting panels and crown moldings to picture rails and baseboards. They address flaws and smoothen the surfaces to ensure the good adhesion of paint and the longevity of the job.
  •          The trims are painted with the thoroughness demanded, no matter how intricate their design may be.

As you can tell, you are only a few steps away from enjoying freshly- and well-painted trims in your home interior. If you are ready for a quotation and want the most experienced team on crown molding and trim painting, Ajax’s best company is at your disposal.