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Door Painting

Is the paint on one of your doors peeling? Or, do you just want to refresh a door’s color? In any case, you can easily book door painting in Ajax, Ontario. Whether you want to prevent door damage or maintain the appearance of a door, contact our team.

What do you have to do to have one or more doors painted? Send a message to Painters Ajax. Or, simply call our team. We need to hear about your current painting needs, talk with you about the project, and book an appointment for a free estimate and color consultation. Be sure that there’s no obligation and this is a good opportunity for you to learn all things relevant to the service and for the painting contractor to understand the door’s requirements. If you need door painting service in Ajax, our company is at your disposal.

For door painting, Ajax residents can count on our company

Door Painting Ajax

Trust us with door painting. Ajax painters with experience in all types of doors and all door materials are at your service. This is very important. While it’s vital to entrust the job to professional painters, it’s equally important to be sure the painters have experience with all materials. The way doors are prepped and painted has everything to do with the material. In our team, we have experience with all materials, from composite and vinyl to wooden and fiberglass. And so, the coatings are chosen based on the material. The prep work and all phases of the painting service are carried out based on the door material and its overall condition. No wonder the results are extraordinary.

All house doors are painted – from interior doors to front door painting

We are the company to contact when you want to paint house doors in Ajax. This can be any door in your house.

  •          Interior doors can be painted or repainted to create a consistent look. With fresh paints, doors gain back their lustrous appearance and become highly resistant, one thing that underlines longevity. You can have one or all doors painted – door casings too.
  •          Exterior doors, from the front to the back door and any other door in between, are also painted. The outer part of the door is painted with resilient coatings for the greatest possible resistance and thus, longevity.
  •          Garage doors can be painted too. Or, repainted. As experts in all materials, we ensure the very best results whether you have metal or wooden garage doors.
  •          You can also book a painting service for kitchen cabinet doors. Want to change the looks of your kitchen without spending much? That’s the way to do it. This is also a smart way to add years to the cabinets’ span.

Expert door painters at your service. Want to talk?

Whether you wish to paint interior doors or just the front door, you can be certain that the job is performed to perfection, from the very beginning to the very end. Depending on the material, the pros scrape, clean, sand, and fix doors before they prime and finish them as agreed with you. If you are ready to take the step and like to learn more, we are here for you. Contact us and say that you are interested in an Ajax door painting service.