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Exterior House Painting

Can you think of an easier way to boost your house’s exterior than painting it? When assigned to our team, exterior house painting Ajax jobs make a difference. It takes a sum of things, decisions, and tasks to increase home exterior charm, resistance, and durability. Don’t worry. We keep all these little secrets up our sleeve and are ready to provide solutions suitable to your particular needs. If you are planning to refresh your exterior, Painters Ajax is the best choice.

Exterior house painting Ajax service – how it works

Exterior House Painting Ajax

You can entrust the exterior house painting in Ajax, Ontario, to our team to have all parts refreshed in the best way. From the doors and windows to the walls, the fence, the deck, and the siding all sections of the exterior can be painted. Do you simply want to refresh the existing color? Do you want to change the exterior color? Are the paints peeling and your home’s exterior has seen better days and so you seek experienced painters in Ajax?

Let us send you an exterior painter to see what you need. Exteriors differ in regard to their size, materials, condition, and structure. But whatever is needed, it’s done. Don’t have concerns about such things. The purpose of sending an experienced contractor out to start with is to gather the information needed so that we will know what it takes to transform the home’s exterior. This way, we can suggest the best colors and color combinations, painting techniques and styles, and paints suitable for wood, stucco, brick, metal – all materials. Should we send an exterior house painter your way to check all that, talk with you, and offer a free estimate for the service?

Contact us. That’s the first step to booking a home painter just to get a free – non-obligatory, estimate and consultation about your job.

The prep work before the exterior painting service

What’s the tricky part with exterior painting services? Exterior surfaces are put to the test day after day. Naturally, even the most durable materials show some signs of wear over the years and depending on the location. And so, the secret is to address these worn sections and breathe new life into them so that they will have the strength to keep resisting all the elements while impressing you and your visitors. By getting to know your house’s exterior, we send the painters fully prepared to prep the surfaces. What’s usually included in that stage?

  •          Washing and cleaning for the complete removal of dirt and debris
  •          Peeling off old paints, scraping all surfaces
  •          Patching and repairing to address blemishes
  •          Sanding to make the surface smooth for the paint to adhere well
  •          Caulking cracks, doors, windows, corners – any part needed
  •          Priming to create the basis of the painting
  •          Painting with the color of your choice

Aware that not all materials are the same, the exterior painters prep all surfaces accordingly. Of course, all areas are covered. And the paints are ideal for both the material and the exterior.

Want to discuss your exterior painting? Get a free quote?

The painting service starts as agreed and is completed as agreed. If you are interested in transforming the exterior of your home and don’t want to take risks but on the contrary, be sure of the quality of the paints and the experience of the painters, you don’t have to do anything more than getting in touch with us. Should we talk about your home exterior? About colors, paints, and all things involved in such important services? Let’s do that. After all, you can get a free estimate. Don’t you want to know the approx. cost of your Ajax exterior house painting and everything involved in the service? Contact us.