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It seems that you are looking for specialists in fence painting in Ajax, Ontario. Well, you would be happy to know that you already found the number one painting team when it comes to such jobs. Painting fences is part of nearly any exterior service. But chances are high that you may need just the fence finished. Do you? If so, make Painters Ajax your one and only choice. Let us tell you why.

Fence painting in Ajax – ready for your project?

Fence Painting Ajax

With our experience and commitment, we are the number one choice for all fence painting Ajax services. Such projects are quite demanding, although they may seem to be simple. You see, not all fences are made of the same material. But this is a fundamental criterion to consider when it comes to the prep work and the painting method.

And then, it’s about deciding between wood fence painting and staining. It’s also about prepping the whole area around the fence and suggesting colors that would suit the home styles to the utmost. It’s also about doing the job correctly and using the right products so that the fence paint will last for a long time and the home will look at its best for years. So, should we tell you how we do it all?

Fence finishing – get a free estimate

Since fences vary, the locations differ, and the expectations of our customers are not the same, we follow protocol off the bat and start by sending a contractor to your home. The initial inspection of the fence helps us understand what products will be suitable. A conversation with you allows us to understand what you want and what the end results should be. And then, you likely could use some advice about the finishing methods and colors. And you’d probably want to know the cost. So, should we set an appointment?

Metal or wood fence, the painters finish it to perfection

Come fence finishing day, the painters arrive at your home as scheduled and well-equipped for the project. Naturally, the area around the fence is covered for full protection of your landscape. So, you don’t have to worry about that. Then the pros do any fence repair is needed and power wash to remove debris and dust.

You can trust that the painter is ready to finish wood and metal fences. And they come out well-prepared since the paints and the methods vary. For example, if you have a wood fence, you may want it stained just to refresh its looks and protect it from the elements. If you want it painted, the pros prep and finish it with the color agreed. Is this a painted wooden fence and you want it stained now? The painter removes the old paints, sands and preps it, and then stains it.

Whether you want the wooden fence painted or stained, contact us

Let us transform your exterior by changing the looks of your fence – or refreshing its color. This is an excellent way to increase the home aesthetics and also add years to the span of the fence by protecting it from the sunlight, the rainfall, the moisture that gradually take a toll on the material. If you are in Ajax, fence painting is a matter of making one call. Why don’t you place that call now?