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Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Tired of the kitchen cabinet color? Is the old paint peeling? If it’s about time to find specialists in kitchen cabinet painting in Ajax, Ontario, it’s the perfect time we talked. You see, we are the ideal team for all local painting jobs, your Ajax kitchen cabinets included. Who doesn’t know that with a simple job, like cabinet painting, the face of the entire kitchen can change? It may gain a new character! It can be transformed completely!

And while the benefits of painting the kitchen cabinets are plenty and really good, the way the job is done will either break or make this home remodeling project. When it comes to your home’s improvement, there’s no need to take any chances at all. There’s no need to wait for long, spend a lot of money, or worry about a thing. You just need to make your kitchen cabinet painting Ajax inquiry to our team and let us take over. And we can tell you why. Ready?

Advantages of kitchen cabinet painting

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Take a minute to think of all the benefits of a kitchen cabinets painting job. For starters, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Assuming that the cabinets are completely broken and rotten, painting is the most cost-effective solution to breathe life into them. And although you don’t have to change the layout of the cabinets, the kitchen will be refreshed – its style and looks totally changed. It’s a fast kitchen remodeling task too.

Now, what’s the tricky part here? The home kitchen cabinet painting must be done right. And by right, we mean the process, the way the cabinets are prepped, the quality of the paints – everything. Isn’t it nice – a much better solution, to assign the job to experienced kitchen cabinet painters? That’s our role in your life – at least, at this point. Wondering why you should choose our team? You are a sec away from finding out.

Why we are the kitchen cabinet painters to trust?

When you turn to our company for your kitchen cabinet painting service, we go all out to meet your needs at all levels – design, style, color, timeframe, everything. Our team works with you from the very beginning, having as our role that of the advisor and expert that will help you make choices in regard to colors and finishes.

While such moments are fun, choosing the right finish – even the color, is not easy. That’s where the years of our experience come to play their role in your decision. We suggest options based on the material of your cabinets and your personal requirements. Sounds good?

A few words about the kitchen cabinet painting service

How does it all work? Well, once you agree to assign the job to Painters Ajax, we send the team on the pre-set day, on time. Everything they need is in the truck. To give you an idea of how things are done, the pros remove the cabinets, fully prep them (sand, clean, etc.), prime, and paint them and put them back when they are completely dry.

The service doesn’t last long, is done well – always by the book, the right paints of the best quality are used, and the cost is fair. How about getting a quote? Make an appointment or just contact us to discuss details about your Ajax kitchen cabinet painting service. Why don’t you?