Painting Services Ajax


Excited about having the home painted, but there’s one small detail missing? The detail of not having found yet a contractor? Do you, by any chance, need a painting Ajax Ontario located contractor? If so, reach our company without any hesitation.

At Painters Ajax, we serve all local requests. We are here for any painting job – residential and commercial, no matter how small or big. You can contact us for the paint of the whole house or simply the kitchen cabinets. Want the exterior painted too? Why worry? At our company, we excel at any painting service, are available for all jobs, charge fairly, and are ready to make your project a breeze. Are you ready to refresh your property?

Get the best in Ajax painting service by trusting it to us

Painting Ajax

With a professional painting Ajax contractor, even a huge job is properly done from start to finish. Have no concerns when you turn to us. We give our full attention to every single detail from start to finish – the surface, the material, the paint, the technique, the climate, prior damage, everything.

Painting walls, cabinets, ceilings, exterior surfaces is not a simple thing. It requires thorough inspection from the start, excellent preparation, choosing the appropriate paints for each surface, following the best techniques for the utmost results. No wonder we work with exceptional commercial and home painters Ajax located and thus, ready to serve too.

Interior and exterior painting services

Are you planning a house painting job? Does it include the exterior too? Do you want all parts of the house painted, the kitchen cabinets too? Have no concerns whatsoever. We send painters to do small and big jobs. We are available for exterior and interior painting jobs.

The interior home painting service may include all ceilings and walls and on top of that, the removal of the existing wallpaper or even the popcorn ceiling. If it’s time to have the walls painted, chances are high their condition is not so good – either due to normal wear or water damage. No worries. The painters prep all surfaces to perfection. They patch holes, fill cracks, and repair drywall. In the exterior, they also refinish decks and fences, apart from scraping, sanding, priming, and finishing walls.

Don’t you want the best painting company on your job?

Expect a similar situation in an office or any commercial building. There are always professional painting contractors, Ajax experts, that supervise the work throughout, while offer solutions among colors, techniques, textures. Not all materials are the same and neither are the paints. Such facts differentiate the paints that must be used on each surface, dictate the paint choice, determine the drying time. Apply the wrong finish and primer on the wrong surface and see the paint crack and peel in no time. That’s the value of working with professionals that truly know the job, respect the customer, share your excitement. So, if you want an Ajax painting job and want a pro team that will go all out for you from the very first moment, don’t think about it. Give us a call.