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Residential Painting

Feel free to turn to our company for interior or exterior residential painting in Ajax, Ontario. Or both. We cover all local home painting needs, in spite of the type of the house. Whether this is a private family home, an entire building, a tiny studio, or a huge apartment, have no concerns. Plus, we are available whether you want the entire house refreshed or just the basement, the kitchen, the cabinets, or the bathroom painted. But let’s get into some details about the way Painters Ajax can help and give you some good reasons for putting your trust in us.

Interior & exterior residential painting in Ajax

Residential Painting Ajax

With true expert pros on even a challenging residential painting, Ajax exteriors become fabulous and resistant to the elements. The interiors become inviting, luxurious – also resistant to the temp fluctuations and possibly, moisture. It all has to do with the way each job is done. No wonder our company is the first & best choice when it comes to residential painting services in Ajax. Should we give you a tour?

  •          Exterior home painting services involve the walls, the deck, the fence, the railings, the siding – all surfaces outside. Or just some of them – your choice. The most important thing here is the way the surfaces are prepped and finished. It all has to do with the coatings and the skills of the painters. Let us assure you that we specialize in all materials, take into account the direction of the house, check the extent of the damage from the start, use suitable paints. The prep work may include deck repair, wall sanding, paints scraping, washing, fixing damage, caulking windows – anything necessary. When the surface is perfected, the painters prime and finish.
  •          Let’s move inside, now. Do you want the entire house painted or just the kitchen cabinets? Or the doors refinished? Or the living room refreshed? No matter what you need, the painters start with the prep work and take all steps required to smoothen the surfaces and make your environment healthy, beautiful, safe. What it may be included in the list of interior home painting services? Popcorn ceiling removal, wallpaper removal and installation, drywall repair & replacement, stone wall installation, door and trims painting – anything you want.

Stress-free residential painting services, solutions for all

The service is always supervised by an experienced residential painting contractor. It starts with our team offering you the required consultation about colors, patterns, styles so that you won’t have to worry about such things either. Naturally, the painters come fully prepared to cover all areas in the working space, prep the surfaces, and get started.

While we set the appointment when it is suitable for you and make sure it is completed within the pre-arranged time frame, we are also available for 1-day service and can assure you. There’re no shortcuts here either. Everything is done by the book, no matter the job. So, let us ask you this: are you ready to know the cost of your Ajax residential painting service? Call us for your free estimate, knowing that there’s no obligation on your part.